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Review for Amouage Gold for men

I decided to try the 8oz based on the price. With the plan being to purchase if I like the scent. I have to say Amouage Gold is very nice. Its smells slightly soapy. Not at all in a bad way. I'm planning on giving it a full wearing. Its hard to tell right now,

Written by Marcus Williams

Review for Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi Unisex

Btw I did blind buy this and I am NOT disappointed at all! I am I love with this scent Fico di Amalfi, perfect for the warmer weather. Mmm! A must have. Definitely recommend.

Written by Jacob Laundis

Review for Aaron Terence Hughes Boss Bastard Unisex

This is my first experience with buying an ATH fragrance. I was impressed with this and I let ATH know on his YouTube channel. Definitely get a soft honey tobacco. This is so well blended I cannot really detect individual notes that jump out. I will be trying more of ATH fragrances for sure!

Written by J.

Review for Parfums De Marly Delina Perfume for Women

Beautiful rose peaking rhubarb scent it’s really amazing . Just got a 10 ml decant for the mrs and she’s in love. Longevity it’s amazing too . 10/10 for me.

Written by Miguel Cardenas

Review for Kajal Dahab for Unisex

El mejor perfume que le puedes regalar a tu esposa

Written by Manuel

Review for Armaf Club de Nuit Sillage

Absolutely love this fragrance. Smells super close to silver mountain water without the inkyness and the performance this fragrance is amazing

Written by Brandon Williams

Review for Armaf perfumes Club De Nuit Milestone

This is a great fragrance. Smells similar to Millesime imperial but the performance is way better. I enjoy this fragrance

Written by Brandon Williams

Review for Ajmal Qafiya 02 Perfume

Great fragrance. Excellent projection and longevity. Definitely a versatile and must have fragrance.

Written by rudy contreras

Review for Ajmal Qafiya 02 Perfume

Excellent fragrance for any man. It is a sweet woody fragrance that projects very well and has great longevity. Easily one of my favorite fragrances and it definitely is my wife’s favorite. Once you smell it you’ll know why. Definitely can be work year round, but easy on the trigger on a hot summer day.

Written by rudy contreras

Review for Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood

This one is a masterpiece from MFK. It’s so beautiful and unique. One of the best Oud rose scents I’ve ever smelt . If you can, buy the extrait and if you can ever get the extrait for under $300, DONT hesitate to buy it as its absolutely worth it and you’ll never see it at that price again. The only place I trust buying testers is here at MaxAroma. Never anywhere else. This perfume is a must have in my collection. Just incredible scent .

Written by Elisabeth Acquaire
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