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Brit Rhythm For Him by Burberry

Price: $29.30
Save: 63%  ($49.70)
UPC: 5045410636437

Eau de Toilette 3 oz 90 ml spray

Burberry Brit Rhythm For Him Eau de Toilette .This Perfume is a mixture of basil, verbena, cardamom , juniper berries, leather, patchouli , styrax,cedar, incense and tonka bean.

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Product Name
Burberry Brit Rhythm For Him for Men
Burberry Brit Rhythm For Him for Men
Item SKU : UP5045410636437
Eau de Toilette 3 oz 90 ml spray
UPC: 5045410636437
Price: $79.00 $29.30
Save: 63% ($49.70)
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Customer Review
  • Brought this cologne because I recently smelled it at Sephora. The product is came in the exact bundle as if you purchase from department store but cost less than half the price. I compare the scent quality and longevity of both smells - very authenthic and original. This is the same product you can get from the store but pay less. The smell is very captivating and my wife really enjoys it. Thanks again, PerAroma.
    Written by William Branch
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