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A. By using MaxAromas drop ship service you will be able to buy our products at a wholesale price and we will ship the items to your customer with your name as the sender. In order to use your company's as the sender, please email [email protected] to set up the account and confirm your information. If we do not receive this email we may ship your packages using MaxAroma.com as the sender.


A. This is the best option for you if you don't want to put down a large investment. By using this service, you don't need to pay for the warehousing of products and you dont need to worry about packing and shipping the items. There is no risk of wrong investment since you will only buy the item that youve sold. We will take care of the warehousing and shipping so you would use your time providing your customers with great customer service


A. First you need to register on our website as a wholesaler. If you get approved as a wholesaler you can use our dropship services by buying a minimum of $300 store credit. At this point you can log in to your account and start adding stuff to your bag. At the checkout, you will be able to provide your billing information and your customer’s shipping information. After the order is placed we will ship the package and provide you with a tracking number. You are responsible for sending the tracking number to your customer.



You will need to buy a minimum of $300 store credit at first. This does not mean that each order needs to be $300. You can use your store credit over time. The shipping charge for each order is $8.50 for standard shipping and $10.00 for the Expedited shipping. We add $1.5 for each additional item. Please note that there's an additional charge of $2.50 if you select SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Process An Order?

A. All the orders are usually processed within one business day.

Q. How Do Dropshipping Returns Work?

A. You have 30 days to return the products in its original packaging. After receiving the product and investigating its originality we will accept the return and add the funds to your dropshipper account as store credit.Restocking fees may apply depending on the condition of the item. Our restocking fee is 20% .

Q. Who Pays For The Shipping On The Return Items?

A. Maxaroma is not responsible for the shipping charges on the return items. Depending on your stores policy you or your customer are responsible for shipping charges on returns.

Q. What Happens If My Customer Says The Item Is Defective?

A. MaxAroma will not be responsible for defective items. It is a risk that you will be taking as a business owner, However, if your customer receives a wrong item from our warehouse we will pay for the shipping on the return of the item and we will ship them a replacement.

Q. How Do I Manage The Quantity Of My Store?

A. Our website has a live stock. Our quantity gets updated every hour. It is your responsibility to sync your quantity with ours in order to prevent any backorders.

Q. What Is Your Policy On Listing Items On Amazon?


We do not authorize anyone to sell our products on Amazon.

Q. Can We Get Letters Of Authorization To Resell Each Brands You Have? Specifically, An Authorization Letter Stating That We Are Authorized Resellers For Brand 1, Brand 2 Etc.

A. Please note we are not the brand owner so we cannot provide this kind of letter .

Q. If Brand Authorization Letter Per Brand Is Not Possible, Is A General Letter Of Authorization Be Issued Instead Stating We Are An Authorized Reseller Of (COMPANY NAME), Bearing Your Company Name/Logo, Our Business Name/DBA’s, Authorized Signature And Authorize Personnel From Your Company.

A. Please note we are not the brand owner so we cannot provide this kind of letter .

Q. What's The Process For Updating QOH's, In Stock, Pricing, Submitting Orders, Getting Status Updates, Etc

A. We can upload our inventory feed into your FTP location every 6 hours .You can use that to update the inventory in your system

Q. What Is Your Refund / Return / Damage Policies?


Our facility ensures that the shipped package is intact and in perfect condition. Once the item has left our facility, it will be your responsibility to take care of your customer (once the product is shipped and in transit to them).

Should the wrong item be shipped to your customer, the responsibility will be on us to rectify the mistake and provide an exchange or return for your customer. We will provide a prepaid return label and handle the entire process accordingly

Q. Is There An Upfront Costs? Ongoing Costs? How Much?

A. There won’t be any upfront cost .You will only deposit $300 in your account and you will use that toward your future purchases .When you finish the initial $300 you will deposit another $300 and so on.

Q. How Do You Handle Shipping & Shipping Costs?


There will be the shipping cost only, $8.50 for standard shipping and $10.00 for priority shipping, there will be an additional $2.50 if you select SIGNATURE REQUIRED. There is no other fee that applies.

Q. What Is Your Typical Lead Time For Products (How Long Will It Take To Ship)?

A. 1 business day unless we mention otherwise

Q. What Is Your Average Handling Times?

A. 1 business day

Q. Where Are Your Warehouses Located At?

A. New York

Q. How Are You Getting The Products You Are Selling? Are You Buying In Bulk Directly From The Manufacturer / Brand Owner? Or Are You Dropshipping From Someone Else Like Another Distributor? Or Are You Getting Liquidation Pallets?

A. Some of the products we import and some we buy from the distributors or other reputable wholesalers in the US

Q. How Do We Get Access To Images And Ad Copy?

A. You will be responsible for that.

Q. Do You Have An FTP To Auto Place Orders?

A. Yes we do

Q. Do I Need To Pay Sales Tax?


Only If you are in the New York state

Q. Do You Have A MAP Policy?

A. Since we are not the brand owner you can sell the items at any price , if you can make profit based on your pricing.

Q. International Shipping Policy?

A. Once the item shows it has been scanned out of our warehouse , you are responsible as the business owner to follow the tracking of the package and delivery of it to your customer. We take no responsibility once the item leaves our warehouse and is scanned by the logistic company/service used.