Reward Point Program


For Retail Customers ONLY

Because is dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction, we have provided our loyal members with a marvelous Rewards Program. The My Aroma Rewards Program offers customers the opportunity to gain points with every dollar spent on My Aroma Points accumulate, and may be used as a form of Store Credit toward the purchase of any merchandise sold on My Aroma Points may be applied toward the cost of Gift-Wrapping Services. For every dollar spent on, members may receive a point. When My Aroma Points have reached the minimum of 500, they become eligible for use on any merchandise sold on This gives My Aroma Members the opportunity to save an additional 5% or more for every purchase of $100 or more (excluding the first $100 spent).

My Aroma Points accumulate as followed:

Every dollar is equivalent to one My Aroma Point. When a member reaches the minimum points quantity of 500, they are eligible to use those points as a form of Store Credit, toward any merchandise on our website. My Aroma Points may be applied toward the cost of Gift-Wrapping Services. Every 500 My Aroma Points is equivalent to $5 off the price of any merchandise.

My Aroma Points Terms Conditions:

In order to use My Aroma Points toward any purchase, the minimum amount of points earned must be 500. My Aroma Points will be applied to your purchase as a form of Store Credit. Although My Aroma Points are applied as a form of Store Credit toward payments, they are not considered Store Credit, but merely points earned by members. In cases of Returns purchased with My Aroma Points, the customer will lose all My Aroma Points used. My Aroma Points do not apply to any and all required taxes, costs of shipping and handling, or any other additional charges except Gift-Wrapping Services.

Reward points for Reviews: Customers are limited to 10 reviews per month. Once the reviews have approved the points will be added to the customer's account. 

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