Magical, hypnotic and enchanting, Dahab by Kajal is a 100ml EDP, the latest fragrance for women. With “Dahab” meaning “Gold” the fragrance exudes richness and luxury for the wearer. 

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Jihan by Kajal Perfumes Paris

"When we were creating our signature Jihan fragrance ,working with Drom’s perfumer, Valerie Garnuch-Mentzel , I was taken back to my early days admiring the cooking skills of my mother in the kitchen.

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Joorie by Kajal Perfumes Paris

"I kept having flashbacks to the farmhouse where my family would go during our summer vacations. There were two acres of land surrounding the little house, fenced with pine trees along the borders..." - Moe Khalaf

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Kajal by Kajal Perfumes Paris

Shy in appearance, seductive by nature, Kajal EDP 100ml, is inspired by the beauty of the eye and from the Arabic word khajal – modesty, humility and kindness in dealing with the people that surround us.

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Yasmina by Kajal Perfumes Paris

"My childhood memories of jasmine are strongly linked to my grandmother – calling out to me to run into the gardens at the break of dawn to pick figs from the tree in our farmhouse..." - Moe Khalaf

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Alujain by Kajal Perfumes Paris

For the joyous and festive person, this scent represents a celebration of ambers. ALUJAIN merges traditional and modern fragrances into one. Created to either be worn alone, this fragrance brings on a festive mood to the wearer.

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